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Tattooing Removal

Tattooing is a method by which a colour or pigment is introduced into deep skin layers. After the change of aesthetic viewpoints in one’s life, or because of a fashion, there comes in turn the removal. For removing tattooing different methods of minor surgery are used, or in combination of several methods and procedures, depending on the size and penetration of it. If it is a question about a smaller surface, an excision with direct closing of the wound after the removal is used, or by using lobes. In case of a larger surface, we use a technique by which a layer of the skin is removed using a special scalpel (Tiersch).


Minor surgical treatments are usually performed under a local anaesthesia, on an outpatient basis. During the post-operational development, re-dressing is necessary. Catguts are removed depending on the localisation, for 5 – 8 days after the surgical treatment.

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