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Augmentation Of Women’s Breasts (Augmentational Mammaplasty)

The size and shape of breasts are part of the physical, sexual and psychical identity of a woman. Small size and undeveloped breasts as well as those of unequal size being a result of inborn malformation, can today be successfully corrected by enlarging (augmentation) using silicone or some other implants.

Empty breasts after the delivery and lactation can be filled up and lifted up by inserting implants. In this way, as a result of this surgical treatment, more feminine, and by shape, breasts of a more well-proportioned quality are achieved, in other words a female stature.

Pre-operational treatment relates to a complete evaluation of a health condition by laboratory tests and ECG. Surgical treatment is usually performed under general anaesthesia, but can also be done under local intensified anaesthesia according to the wish of a patient. After the operation the patient stays at in-patient clinic of the Polyclinic over for one night. Elastic massive bra should be worn for two months after the operation.

Catguts are removed a week after the operation. For the first few days, hard physical labour using hands should be avoided. The scar is almost invisible, and could be located, owing to the surgical treatment approach, under the breast, under the arm or around mammilla.

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Breasts augmentation after birth

After breastfeeding, blanking breast are filled with quality implants.

Implants of renowned brands

We offer implants from MENTOR (now JOHNSON & JOHNSON) and EUROSILICONE.

Accommodation in the polyclinic

After the surgery, you can stay in the polyclinic for one night.

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