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Breast Enhancement and Reduction (Mastopexy, Reductive Mammaplasty)

Large, in other words hypertrophic, woman’s breasts are aesthetic and physical defect. Along with large breasts, that are usually also sagging (ptotic), physical problems are connected with bent stature and pain in the back. If this condition persists for a longer period, it will lead to the curvature of the spine. Consequently, correction of oversized breasts is connected with not only aesthetic indication, but also with health-related issues. Pre-operative treatment comprises complete laboratory tests of blood and urine, as well as ECG.

Surgical treatment is usually performed under the general anaesthesia.

After the operation, the patient stays at in-patient clinic of the Polyclinic for one day. After ten days, catguts are removed. Moreover, about ten days after the operation, an exemption from hard physical labour that is done with hands is necessary. Two months after the surgical treatment special massive top should be worn. By stitching the wound according to the principles of aesthetic surgery, insignificantly visible scar is achieved.

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