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Implantation of Testicle Prostheses (Aesthetic Correction of the Testicle Defect)

In the case if one testicle has not developed at all (agenesis), or if it has been removed by operation because of the disease, trauma or by its position that could not be surgically corrected, then it comes to a defect in the scrotal bag in aesthetical sense. Such anatomical defect usually initiates complexes with men who are in fear that their flaw could notice their schoolmates at physical training classes, during changing clothes in a group and showering, or by a sexual female partner in the course of foreplay. Often it is a question about a young man in puberty or even somewhat younger boys, whom their parents take them to a doctor. They have been introduced with the anatomic defect by a paediatrician or a surgeon who has operated on the child and suggested subsequent treatment of implanting testicle prosthesis. If this kind of parental care has failed to occur, because of any kind of a reason, it is usually a matter of men who developed an anatomy complex also because of the fear that their defect will reveal their female partner, and so they come to a doctor because of the operational correction.


All conditions of a testicle deficiency in the scrotal bag, as well as in this way provoked defect.

Pre-operational development

In the framework of these preparations, usual laboratory tests of blood and urine samples, and ECG are carried out. The area that will be operated on should be shaved locally and washed with disinfectant. An existing testicle is being measured taking into account two dimensions, and in this way determine the size of the implant that will be fit.


The surgical operation is usually performed under a general endotracheal anaesthesia, but could also be performed under spinal anaesthesia.

The operation

A cut is made at scrotum, and a bed is prepared for the implant, which is then fitted and fixed with a stitch at the appropriate anatomical position. The wound is closed after implanting prosthesis according to the layers with resorbence suture, which will for about ten days disappear.

Post-operational development

A recuperation within 24 hour is predicted at an in-patient clinic, and then follows domiciliary treatment, with a few days of exemption from longer walk and standing.

It is advisable in the first period to wear small size slim shorts. The wound is dressed by spraying with antibiotic aerosol-can.


Extremely rare are complications, and possibly an infection could develop, or even an inappropriate position of an implant could happen.

The scar

Owing to the location and appearance of the scrotal skin bag, it is almost invisible.