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Abdominal Wall Skin Lift (Abdominoplasty)

With this surgical operation it is a question about removing skin excess and the acompanying fat tissue in the abdominal wall, as well as that even abdominal wall itself can be reinforced with special stiches. Pre-operational treatment includes evaluation of health condition by laboratory tests of blood and urine samples, and ECG. The surgical treatment can be performed on the lower section of the abdominal wall under the spinal or general anaesthesia (if it is a question about more complicated surgical treatment).

After the surgical operation, the patient remains for one day at in-patient clinic of the Polyclinic. It is advisable to be exempt from physical activity during one week. Catguts are removed for about ten days. It is advisable to wear a special corset for several weeks. The scar is located in the so-called 'bikini zone'.

Before and after:

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