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Aesthetic Eyebrow Lift (Blepharoplasty)

With the process of getting old, the skin looses its elasticity and so the eyelids change their appearance. It results in the formation of skin excess, wrinkles develop, and often in fat pads increase and give eyelids a bloated appearance. With the blepharoplasty operation, the skin excess is removed along with the corresponding eyelid fat tissue, which gives to the face a new fresh look. The eyes appear bigger, and so their natural beauty becomes more noticeable. This operation belongs to a group of plastic surgery treatments for the purpose of rejuvenation.

Pre-operational treatment includes health condition testing, and the operation is usually performed under intensified local anaesthesia. To the ingredients of the local anaesthetic, a vasoconstrictor is added (a medicine for constriction of blood vessels), so that the bleeding would be less, and in connection with it post-operational haematoma also (suffusion). The recuperation after the operation lasts from a couple of hours to one day, at in-patient clinic of the Polyclinic. Catguts are removed about 5 –7 days after the operation. Ten days after the surgical treatment, haematoma resorb, and the post-operational tumescence disappears. The scar on eyelid is almost invisible.

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