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Aesthetic Surgical Operations for Men

Nowadays, men even more than before decide for aesthetic operations. As with corrective operations, most often are the operations of prominent ears (jug ears) at the child age, and later after full age, aesthetic operations of the nose. At the senior age, they decide for operations of rejuvenation – aesthetic operations of eyelids, face-lifting. As with liposuction, men most frequently decide for removing excess fat layers on the stomach, chest and double chin.

Elongation and Dilatation of Male Sexual Organ

Surgical treatment of elongating the penis has been learned as recently as the last century by renowned urologist Beminghaus. In the golden age of the flowering of classical surgery and urology he become aware of some possibilities of elongating penis by intersecting a suspensory ligament which connects pubis with the body of the penis, that is at this spot in the form of an enclosed fan. Further on, the discovery of new possibilities follows by, but it all comes to the fact that penis has its outer visible part and the inner one which is not visible. The proportion of inner and outer part can alter to the advantage of the outer part, because of the modification of the position of the penis root and its angle towards the whole body. First significant practical experiences based on increasing series of surgical operations, during the 70s in the XX century, have been obtained by paediatric surgeons who operated on inborn anomalies, in other words extrophia of the urinary bladder. In this case, the body tissues of the penis in its inner part are mutually rather apart and with their drawing closer by the operation it comes about promining the body of the penis in the outward direction – in other words the elongation of the outer part of the sexual organ. In the middle of the 80s in China, M. D. Long Daochou started to operate a considerable number of patients using the method of cutting through the suspensory ligament along the skin lobe Y. The modification, according to some authors, is the Z surgical plastic of the skin at the root of the penis. Newly emergent area, after cutting through the ligament, is filled up using the surrounding tissue or with the implant-role made of polytetrafluoroethylene. In this way, the operative treatment has been brought up to date by M. D. Hennie Roos, Republic of South Africa, in the 90s. Doctor Roos has published several papers on the new surgical technique and is perhaps particularly responsible for its extensive application in the world.

Non-surgical methods are today considerably widespread and commercialised. Since the 80s, a vacuum pump is known, and today different extenders are being promoted evermore. The methods are not in fact medical, so that usually such gadgets can also be bought at sex-shops, and not at chemist’s shops. There is a possibility that, in both cases, pushing ahead with such gadgets can lead to a permanent damage of the sexual organ. When using the vacuum pump, one must not expose the sexual organ under the vacuum condition for more than 20 minutes, as well as under the traction with extender. If the process lasts for more than that in a single procedure, it can cause ischaemia and permanent damage of the fine structure of the tissue with nerves, and then it can lead to the damage of blood vessel membranes and the mechanism of valves in the cavernous body of the penis, for which the final consequence can be impotence.



Real surgical indication for penis elongation is if its length in a relaxed state is less than 4 centimetres, in other words if it is less than 7 centimetres long in erection (so called micro-penis). But the differences in the size of the sexual organ among the average population are not the same in Europe, Asia or Africa.

An average size of the penis in erection among Europeans is from 13 to 17 centimetres, while among the Asians from 8 to 10 centimetres, and among Africans it is 15 – 20 centimetres long. Yet, in the same way it is not a rule that all Africans have the longest penises, and the Asians the shortest. Out of these differences there are also another reasons for the elongation.

Owing to some diseases (Peyronie’s disease) when the penis reduction develops, this topic will be dealt with the disease part.

Regarding more and more widespread aesthetic surgeries in modern times, (wish or luxury surgery), there are some of men who do not reconcile themselves to the condition and resulting consequence of ‘the mother nature’. Such indications in the world are also the commonest. As other parts of the body also could be surgically reshaped (the size and shape of breasts, noses, auricles etc.), the natural condition here, according to the patients’ demands, is not drastic because surgery correction has the answer to it.

How thoroughly the practice of this kind of operations and the like has been introduced into urology and gynaecology, it can be shown by the fact that there is almost no a serious textbook from the field in the present time, without a chapter on aesthetic surgery of male and female genitals. Only before about forty or more years ago, newspapers, films, TV and nudism as a movement, stripped off all the clothes from the most private parts of the human body and gave them the opportunity to compare themselves with each other. It is for this reason of comparing male sexual organs that American sexologists suggest the comparison via photographs or the mirror, because from the perspective of one’s own viewpoint towards the sexual organ it is optically always observed as smaller than in comparison with that in the mirror or viewed in a photograph. In the same way, it is observed that the vagina is an organ of a virtual cavity and markedly strong elasticity, that can very easily be accommodated (to the childbirth).

Therefore, the size of the penis is neither a decisive nor the only factor that will sexually satisfy a woman. However, it is not only the comparison that is the reason for undertaking such aesthetic surgical treatments. Regardless of social and intellectual development, a man at the threshold of the third millennium is still in crisis, and does not have enough trust in his own capacities, and does not find enough security in his cultural environment and other values, so, he still seeks additional security in his sexuality, in other words in the dimensions of his sexual organ. Probably, this is the very authentical thing, as well as reproductive, and all the development of a society, culture, social status and education could not always man give enough confidence to each man. As of the matter of a successful sexual life, partners should build their interpersonal and personal satisfaction on love, and developing mutually accepted style and technique of sexual intercourse. But the aesthetics and its conception of each individual, remains most intimate and personal, which is also applicable to sexual organs.

Pre-operational development

It is necessary the whole region to be shaved, to check laboratory tests of blood and urine samples, and finally that of ECG.


The surgical treatment is usually performed under the spinal anaesthesia, in agreement with anaesthesiologist or because of some specific reasons it can be performed also under general endotracheal anaesthesia.

The operation

After the measuring and sketching up the form of incision, a cut is made on the skin and subcutaneous tissue, a lower rim of the pubis is approached, and se a suspensory ligament is cut in. The space is filled up with the neighbouring tissue, and the subcutaneous area and the skin is stitched up in the shape of a Y lobe. The space is drained to the vacuum, 24 hours after the operation.

Post-operational development

A stay is planned at in-patient clinic for 24 hours, in other words after extracting drain. Catguts resorb and will disappear in ten days after the operation. The control of the surgical operator is planned in ten days. It is advisable to be continent for 6 weeks after the operation.


The degeneration of Y skin lobe can happen, the formation of haematoma and infections. For some period of time a foreskin swelling persists, but decreases in two weeks.

Before and after:

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