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Aesthetic Surgical Operation of the Nose (Rhinoplasty)

The look and beauty of the face depend also on the look and beauty of its particular parts. Precisely the nose has the central place in the configuration of the face, which is very important for the complete impression. Therefore, aesthetic operations of the nose are one of the most frequent treatments in the field of aesthetic surgery. With this operation, inappropriate size and shape of the nose can be solved, whether it is an inborn condition or the one caused by the trauma.

If and when breathing through the nose is difficult, even this problem can be solved during the surgical treatment. Pre-operational treatment includes health condition testing by laboratory tests of blood and urine samples, ECG, and testing done by an anaesthesiologist. The operation is performed under intensified general or local anaesthesia. Stay at in-patient clinic with a proper medical care lasts about 1 – 2 days, in other words until the removal of nose tampons. Plaster cast immobilisation of the nose (plaster) takes about a week since the operation has been done. After removing the immobilisation plaster cast, the nose will still be a bit swollen, and that will be over in the next 1 – 2 days. There is no scar left after the surgical operation, in fact, it is hidden within the nostrils. .

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