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Surgical Treatment at the Polyclinic

Polyclinic Doctor Maletić is situated at the very centre of the town of Daruvar. It is equipped on the model of comparable medical institutions in the world that are active in aesthetic surgery. In the premises of the Polyclinic there is a modern, up-to-date equipped operational theatre, single rooms for the accommodation of patients, a surgery for medical examinations and observations.

The town of Daruvar can be reached by individual means of transportation or by a bus, and by a personal request of a patient it is possible to organize the transportation from Zagreb to Daruvar using a passenger car. During the stay at the Polyclinic, patients are accommodated in single room with a TV-set, toilet facilities and a shower. If the patient is accompanied, companion(s) can accommodate themselves at the hotel in the immediate vicinity of the Polyclinic. Patients who come from a greater distance can arrive a day earlier and stay overnight at the hotel until the reception at the Polyclinic. The booking for this kind of accommodation, at the request of the patient, is done by the staff of the Polyclinic. One should arrive at the Polyclinic on the same day of the operation, until 9 a.m., on an empty stomach, and it is also advisable not to take aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) at least about ten days before the surgical treatment, because it dilutes blood and after the operation hematoma are larger.

After the arrival of the patient, the surgical examination follows, and pre-operational arrangements under the supervision of medical nurse, which includes health condition evaluation using laboratory tests of blood and urine samples, and an ECG. Patient can complete laboratory tests even before, with his/her physician evaluating them, in accordance with our protocol designed for a particular surgical treatment, and later on, submit the results before the operation by fax, for the purpose of observation, at our Polyclinic, and bring along the originals. In this case, the arrival at Daruvar should not be until 9 pm, but from 10 am to 11 am, but again on an empty stomach obligatorily. After completing medical findings follows the examination of anaesthesiologist and arranging the appointment with the patient on the most appropriate type of anaesthesia for the planned surgical operation. After the surgical treatment patients stay at an in-patient clinic until the following day, with permanent medical care. After the health surveillance and re-dressing and surgical examination on the next day, patients get release form with detail instructions for subsequent post-operational procedure in domiciliary treatment. If there is eagerness, patients can prolong their stay at the hotel during the whole post-operational recuperation period under the supervision of medical staff of the Polyclinic. The staff will also give additional information by telephone to those our patients with whom there is some vagueness in connection with subsequent post-operational recuperation in domiciliary treatment.

Observation can be completed by appointment at Daruvar, once a week at Zagreb and once a month at Vienna, with previously defined appointment by telephone. The price for particular surgical operation includes all that has been mentioned before (medical examination before the operation, pre-operational arrangement(s) and laboratory tests, surgical treatment, fitted implants, anaesthesia, accommodation and medical care during the stay at the Polyclinic, brace, if it is necessary during the post-operational medical care, and medical observations). Modes of payment are the following: cash payment, by cheque, by American Express credit card, by Diners and Visa credit cards. For Croatian citizens deferred payment is possible using cheques by instalment up to six months, and by credit using Diners credit card up to six months, and for American Express credit card up to twenty-four months.

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