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Aesthetic Surgical Operation of Lips

Lips are very important aesthetical part of the face. Their plumpness contributes to the impression of sensuality. Minor imperfections can be corrected with make-up, and for major ones some of the surgical treatments or procedures are necessary. Today, different operations can be applied – from the classical surgery, in the process of which along the very end a lip is cut off (excised) with a corresponding skin and subcutaneous tissue, and by closing the wound and having some stitches, the rim of a mucous membrane is being overturned towards outward, up to the insertion of synthetic materials that permanently remain in a lip. Or, on the other hand, the application of some preparation or one’s own fat tissue is applied with the injection therapy.

Out of synthetic materials, as an injection therapy for a presumably long period, a liquid silicone has been applied, but the defect was that it cannot be biodegraded, and so around itself it creates granuloma, that because of the gravity fall downwards, so that the rim of a lip in relation to the surrounding skin after some time remains empty, and so it has to be filled up. By this, we come to the closed circle of further applications, and at the end it usually results with an operational removing of the silicone. Q-MED produces RESTYLANE (hyaluronic acid), which proved to be a very good product for filling-up lips and the rim towards surrounding skin. The preparation remains in the tissue for about 6 months. After that, it is necessary to repeat the procedure.

The permanent result is filling-up the lips with their own fat tissue. From the areas of the body where there it is located (abdominal wall, backside), fat tissue is extracted by using the method of liposuction, processed and centrifuged, and applied into lips. After some time a part of it will resorb, but a considerable part remains. Possibly, because of the additional correction, the procedure can be repeated. This is certainly a top-quality method because one’s own fat cells at this new spot begin to live henceforth.

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