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Hair Transplantation

One of the biggest aesthetic problems of men is baldness (Alopecia). Around 20 percent of men are affected by this problem in their age of about twenty. About 30 percent are affected in their thirties, and more than 40 percent in their forties, and so further on proportionately. If it is a question about androgenic baldness, the most effective solution to the problem is aesthetic surgery hair transplantation. Only in this way could one reach a final and permanent satisfying outcome. Pre-operational treatment includes laboratory tests of blood and urine samples, and ECG, as an evaluation of one’s health condition. The surgical treatment is usually performed under the local intensified anaesthesia. The principle of this operation is that a piece of hair root is removed from the occipital region (or temporal region), where the blood circulation is the very best and where the hair root permanently reproduced hairs, and which by the subsequent procedure under a magnifying glass is cut in the smallest grafts as possible, that after such preparing are transplanted into stings in the region where baldness is marked. The wound at the occiput is then closed with stitches, which will be removed after eight days. After the operation, the patient stays at in-patient clinic of the Polyclinic until the following day. Small scabs in the region of hair transplantation come off automatically within the period of ten days. The hair root has to be washed with a neutral and mild baby-shampoo, and is locally treated with minoxidil on a daily basis. For about three months, hair growing from the hair root is expected to start. After a year, the procedure can be repeated, so that as better a result as possible is achieved, in other words as thick a placement of the transplanted region of a hair root as possible. At the Polyclinic Doctor Maletić, other types of aesthetic surgical operations for men are also performed: Testicle prostheses implantation, and male sexual organ surgical operations (circumcision, elongation, dilatation, correction of shape deformities etc.). In the process of medical treatment of organic impotence, American best quality penile hydraulic prostheses are implanted (AMS – American Medical Systems).

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