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How to treat active acne with laser?

There are several ways to treat active acne, but the best results are achieved with the Nd: YAG laser. The laser beams directly treat the inflammatory microorganisms, successfully prevent infections and thus cure the acne.

If the skin condition requires it, we also use the Er: YAG laser in combination with the Nd: YAG laser to open and clean the active acne. At the same time, we apply a special device that blows cold air at the point to be treated. The client does not feel the effects of the laser, the procedure is therefore painless and any form of anaesthesia not necessary. The entire procedure takes only 10 to 30 minutes, there is no recovery time afterwards and the client can leave the clinic after the treatment.

In order to get the best effect, we recommend several treatments in the following one to two weeks. The result is usually visible after the first laser application. We recommend to protect the treated areas from the sun for 30 days and use a 50+ protection cream outdoors.

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