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Auricle Surgical Correction (Otoplasty)

Auricle deformation, in other words its anomalous position with a deviation from the head (jug ears), is a congenital malformation. The deviation and the shape of the auricle complete the general appearance of the head and the face, therefore, these changes can be the origin of frustration with one’s own look and the cause of development of an inferiority complex. This corrective operation can be performed after the age of five of the patient.

Pre-operational treatment refers to the evaluation of the patient’s health condition.

The operation is usually performed on an outpatient basis and under the local intensified anaesthesia, as well as according to the wish and agreement with anaesthesiologist the anaesthesia can be of a general type. A few days after the operation it is necessary for the patient to have a dressing around the head. Catguts will resorb themselves within a period of ten days. A month after the surgical treatment it is advisable to go to sleep with a sport band put over the ears. The scar is located behind the ear and is almost invisible.

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